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Medicare Part D prescription plan selection: 

  • Easy drug selection and detailed drug information
  • Ability to manage maintenance drugs as  well as occasional prescriptions
  • Compares all plans in your region
  • What-if scenarios for multiple versions of the same drug (generic versus brand, tablet versus capsule)
  • No ads, even in the free basic version! 

These are just a few of the advanced features that set this app apart from the CMS Plan Finder and other web-based tools currently available.

Available for iOS and Android as well as in a web-based version. Come back here to check on status or use the Contact Us page to send us an email.

Planned Enhancements

Manage your prescriptions to optimize drug cost: 

  • The timing of a fill or refill can impact your cost, our app will advise you on the optimal sequence for filling your prescriptions

Work with your physician to identify the most cost-effective treatment solution:

  • Search for drug alternatives with input from your physician and compare costs across multiple scenarios

Future products

Trying to determine how actions we take actually impact our wellness and health can be extremely difficult. Did that drug I just took cause the upset stomach I had the following day? Or was it the spicy dish I ate yesterday that is responsible? Does it take a few hours for something I do to result in a reaction, is it a day or even a few days? How long does the effect last?

Our next app is trying to address these questions by capturing specific inputs such as foods we eat, drugs we take, physical activities we engage in and then providing a mechanism to record selective health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, pain levels, and others. The app will then try to correlate specific inputs with the observations and identify possible causal relationships. This information can then be used to avoid inputs leading to undesirable reactions or can be taken to your primary physician to determine what actions can be taken.